SMI Import and Export

The company is mainly involved in the imports of goods into Sri Lanka and distributing to a wide retail network around the country. SMI Import & Export is a leader in supplying FMCG products to most of the well-known companies in Sri Lanka. The export arm of the business is primarily concerned with catering to all the businesses based in India within the SMI group.

The following are a list of products and brands that we supply:

Product List Brands that we are agents for
Processed foods BRUNOLINI
Air fragrances FLOWER GARDEN
Perfumed Deodorants SPRINGS
Perfumes ANYTIME
Plastic goods SENDIKA
Sanitary Supplies FEMINA DATES
Glass ware
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SMI Import and Export
4th Floor.No. 77, Dharmapala Mawatha.
Colombo 3.
Sri Lanka.
Tel : +94 11 4938932-3
Fax : +94 11 4012916
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